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i get anxiety because idk what will come after postmodernism

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When you realize it’s the weekend

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Reenacting Goods Blanket Sale!

After two years of reenacting, I’ve accumulated a bunch of gear!  Some of it I never use, or have only used once, or no longer consider appropriate for my impressions, so I want to offer it to anyone out there who may be interested.

If this goes over well, I have an entire second batch of items that I can post.  Also, every item sold means one less item for me to lug to my next event to sell, which is a bonus for me.





  • Little brown mink (2 available) $20 ea.
  • Venetian stiletto/dagger $30
  • Striped haversack $20
  • Ceramic candle holder $10
  • 17th c. iron spurs $50
  • Leather gloves lined with fleece $10
  • Felt cavalier hat with feather $35
  • Copper jug $10
  • Green glass bottle $10
  • Little buff pouch $10
  • Black flat caps (4 available) $15 ea.
  • Grosgrain hook/eye ruff $25
  • Black/gold brocade trunkhose (w/pull strings, so one size fits all) $50
  • Black/gold double-sided cape $50


Paypal only.  You pay shipping.  All items will be sent out the second week of May.  All inquiries welcome.

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There is literally no difference between academic scholars discussing their interpretations of a text and a bunch of people on the Internet yelling "YOUR HEADCANON IS WRONG!" at each other.

As a Masters student I can vouch for this.

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I heard once that Marshal Joachim Murat was so extravagantly dressed one day while out on campaign that another commander who hadn’t ever seen Murat before mistook him for the drum major. Hilarity ensued. 


"Junot, Lasalle, and Fournier were outstanding showoffs; occasionally the finery became ridiculous, as when Murat was mistaken for a drum major."

from Elting’s Swords Around a Throne.

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Aaaand I just found an entire website with primary and secondary sources that completely legitimizes the lanza jineta impression that I’ve poured my heart, soul, and pocketbook into.

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#not like I didn't do research before  #it just that this site is sooo much more comprehensive  #it has pictures  #it cites original Spanish sources  #I am in heaven 

So Nicolas Brisky of Lorraine joined Lauzun’s hussars in 1778, went to New England, fought a bit, and deserted in 1782 in Virginia at age 22 to reap the socioagrarian benefits of the south.  He settled in Abbeville, South Carolina where he married into a happy little family of ex-loyalists.

  • Abbeville is 350 miles from Charlotte Court House, VA where he deserted.
  • Abbeville is also 350 miles (in the other direction) from St. Augustine, FL, a Loyalist haven where many foreign troops congregated.

There’s a 7-year gap between Brisky’s desertion and marriage record that no one can account for, and I can’t help but wonder if maybe he wandered down to Florida to be among Franco-Germanic brethren before leaving in 1784 when the area was returned to Spain.

Do I have a twig to stand on here?  I’m really hard-pressed for evidence of Lauzun’s hussars in the south, but given the unit’s 20% desertion rate, I figure at least one moseyed his way down to Florida.  And if Brisky made the 350-mile hike from his place of desertion to South Carolina, there’s no reason why he wouldn’t be able to travel the same distance further south. 

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